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About STEM Scientistφ

STEM Scientistφ is a web blog created by Dr. Sishir Kumar, PhD., M.Appl.Sc. to practice his passion for scientific communication and novel scientific developments in the broader areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine.

  • STEM Scientistφ is a global online platform to communicate emerging and novel scientific developments in areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).
  • Experts, Scientists, Professors, Graduate students, Professionals, and Startups are most invited to communicate their ideas, opinions that contribute to advancement of knowledge in the respective domains.
  • Startup Trends section specifically includes inspiring stories and latest developments from the Startup Companies, Global Startup Ecosystems, Academic Innovation Incubators, Business Incubators, Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Parks.

STEM Scientistφ covers following domains but not limited to:

Agriculture, Bioengineering, Biotechnology, Biomedical Research, Biomedical Engineering, Clinical Research, Computer Science, Electronics, Healthcare Research, Information Technology, Life Science, Medical Devices, Other Engineering domains, Pharmaceuticals, Space Research.

Contributions are specially invited in following novel concepts of interest:

Artificial Intelligence; Artificial Organs; Augmented Reality; Biofuels; BioPlastics; BioPrinting; Block Chain; Cultured Meat; Cloud Sourcing; Data Science and Analytics; Deep Learning; Deep Medicine; Design Thinking; Drug Discovery and Development; Drones; Entrepreneurship; Ecofriendly fuels; Global Warning; Green Energy; Internet of Things; Internet of Medical Things (IoMT); Lean Manufacturing; Lean Methodology and Applications; Lean into Medical Research and Healthcare domains; Machine Learning; Machine Intelligence; Nanotechnology Devices; Nanomedicines; Organic Farming; Plant Based Meat; Quantum Computing; Robotics; Smart Cities; Solar Cells and Technology; Space Travel; Virtual Reality; 3D Printing; 5G Mobile Technology.

*Suggestions are always welcome to update above mentioned list.

Supporting Members

STEM Scientistφ supporting member(s) or STEMist(s) is/are a unique, international community of intellectual and knowledgeable personal interested in sharing expert opinion, networking and collaborating with likeminded professionals.
Prior consent and approval of respective individuals are being taken in order to include their name in this section.

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Suggestions and Contributions are always welcome at email id: