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Molecular Diagnostic System – “Simprova” for Multiplexed Diagnostic Strategies

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The following study was conducted by Scientists from Biochemical Research Laboratory II, Research & Development Division, Eiken Chemical Co., Ltd, Tochigi, Japan. Study is published in Scientific Reports Journal as detailed below.

Scientific Reports; Volume 10, Article Number: 5409; (2020)

Fully Automated Molecular Diagnostic System “Simprova” for Simultaneous Testing of Multiple Items


Nucleic acid amplification-based diagnostics is known as one of the molecular diagnostic systems that allows higher sensitive detection of pathogens than test methods such as immunoassay. However, it has not been widely used because it is complicated to use and takes a long time to generate results. On the other hand, development of fully automated molecular diagnostic systems has been growing around the world as demand for such systems from physicians and laboratory technicians has increased. To meet this demand, we have developed the “Simprova” fully automated molecular diagnostic system, which takes advantage of LAMP (Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification), a method Eiken Chemical Co., Ltd. invented. Simprova comprises a master unit that controls the entire system and a test unit that extracts and purifies nucleic acid from samples (pretreatment), and uses the LAMP method to detect and amplify nucleic acid. Users can obtain test results automatically by simply installing a pretreatment cartridge, a multi-well testing chip and the sample in the test unit. The multi-well testing chip has 25 reaction wells connected by channels and enables simultaneous testing of multiple targets with one sample. Turnaround time for one test is approximately 30 minutes. Since a conventional extraction and purification method using magnetic-bead separation is used for the pretreatment, nucleic acid can be extracted from serum, plasma, whole blood, urine, and sputum, for example. In addition, the system can perform random-access testing by connecting four test units to the master unit to realize near-the-patient testing. Simprova is therefore a robust and useful system for a wide variety of applications.


Scientific Reports



Yonekawa, T., H. Watanabe, et al. (2020). “Fully Automated Molecular Diagnostic System “Simprova” for Simultaneous Testing of Multiple Items.” Scientific Reports 10(1): 5409.